Përkushtimi dhe impenjimi ynë ndaj klientit na ka lejuar që gjatë viteve të kemi bashkëpunim me markat me prestigjioze, duke e konsideruar DBS GROUP si partnerin ideal si për sektorin e prodhimit ashtu edhe për fazën e rëndësishme të zhvillimit të produkteve.


At an altitude of 2000m on the high plateaux of West Kenya, a place called Eldoret is the home of the Kalenjins. The name ‘Kalenji’ is a reference to this tribe.They represent barely 3 million people, or ten percent of the Kenyan population.
Find your rhythm, enjoy your run!


Btwin është një markë e Oxylane, të cilën e zotëron Decathlon. Ndodhet në një lokacion jo larg nga Parisi që sfidon hapur Orientin. Btwin është marka franceze e shitësve të mëdhenj. Diku ndërmjet periferisë dhe qytetit arrijmë në fshatin B`Twin. Një fshat i dedikuar për çiklizëm, ku biçikleta dhe aksesorë të ndryshëm janë grumbulluar, për të realizuar një projekt të pa idejuar më parë.


Karpos emerged ten years ago from this spirit of inquiry, from the drive to go beyond, from the wish to make our outdoor experience more complete, from the desire to reach the summits of the mountains and enjoy a 360-degree view. We have been fortunate to meet, search for and find people who share our passion and our professionalism.


Winning, is not an objective in itself, it is the heart of our company that we aim to bring to the fore as a global leader in the Sport, Lifestyle and Safety Market, by means of trade-marks established on enthusiasm, cutting edge style and technological innovation.

Crazy Idea

Fin dall’inizio della storia di Crazy siamo stati immersi nel profumo delle gare, gli atleti, il pettorale e le competizioni fanno parte del nostro DNA. Partendo da questo, in Crazy Idea, l’obiettivo è stato da sempre quello di salire le montagne, non necessariamente con il pettorale, ma spesso in velocità. Contrariamente a quanto si crede, e al codice della strada, in montagna, la velocità è sicurezza… se sai come fare.


Nabaiji is the international Decathlon group swimming brand.It’s also a team of passionate swimmers who works everyday in order to insure your security and your pleasure. Within its international conception center situated in Hendaye, in the Basque country, innovative products and new ideas are found everyday. The goal is to help you to reach not only your sports objectives but also increase your performance.


We make mountain hiking accessible to the greatest number while taking care of the hikers and their sports’ environment.To protect hiking in the mountains and make it easier, at an unbeatable value/price ratio.


Se ti piace il fitness, la ginnastica, la danza, lo yoga o gli sport di combattimento… i nostri coach Domyos ti accompagneranno nella tua disciplina! Scopri i consigli dei nostri esperti per motivarti e progredire indipendentemente dal tuo livello e dal tuo obiettivo sportivo.

North Face

The North Face® fundamental mission remains unchanged since 1966:
Provide the best gear for our athletes and the modern day explorer, support the preservation of the outdoors, and inspire a global movement of exploration.


DYNAFIT is the brand by athletes for athletes. We are 100 % committed to mountain endurance sports. Our goal is to support athletes, 365 days of the year, with high-performance products to get one step closer to their Mountopia.


After years of challenges and strong competition in the sport market, the decision to make a further step into the future has been taken. By focusing on Salewa`s strong roots and core competencies, the brand redefined itself as customer centric functional and technical mountaineering brand.


The Oberalp Group is a family-owned company, which is active in the textile sector since five generations. The know-how and the passion for high-quality textile products were the origins on which Anton Oberrauch founded the company in 1846.