Being productive and efficient, designed to build communication, innovators and promoters of the latest trends, flexible to achieve different requirements and real-time availability, are the foundation of a fruitful and continuous collaboration with Decathlon Italia. DBS Group is a success story, leading in the textile industry and promoting competitive strategies in the international arena of enterprises.


The business begins with its own brands in the cycling and leisure sector, after the expansion of the production structure it has been directed to the production for third parties of technical products in specific sectors such as running, outdoor, ski mountaineering and swimwear. innovation has always led us to raise the technical level of production, made possible by the constant investment in machinery and production technologies such as laser cutting / engraving, ultrasonic welding and bonding.


The 5-year experience cooperation with our main client ‘Decathlon’ is built on the philosophy – “Success has no secrets but is a result of dedication, hard work, and collaboration.”