About Us

We are a reference point in the Albanian apparel and textile industry promoting a success story. Transformation and Change for our Company is a synonym of excellence, industrial efficiency, product quality, healthy business processes, promoting professional growth and social responsibility.

About DBS


 In the second half of 2013, together with our Decathlon colleagues, the idea of ​​a productive structure with large dimensions was born in Albania. It specializes in the production of elastic textiles for the world of sports and based on the most advanced technology in the field of clothing processing. The verification of the general political, economic conditions and the availability of the workforce was carried out through frequent visits to various potential areas. In a short time the feasibility of the project was analyzed and the location of the most suitable building  to set up the new production unit dedicated to the joint project was found. The support of our partners made it possible in a short time to solve the necessary formalities to open DBS Group in Tirana, in a place that is easily found, logistically suitable and able to provide the necessary workforce to give life project. Initially the business came to life in an area of ​​1000 square meters.



The collaboration is currently translated into a partnership with the world sports products giant, Decathlon. DBS Group has a workforce of 550 employees with a growing trend. The factory area in production exceeds 12,000 square meters. Regular exports on a weekly basis to major clients. Our commitment to the customer has allowed us over the years cooperate with the most prestigious brands, which consider DBS GROUP the ideal partner for both production processes and the important stage of product development. We are a reference point in the Albanian textile and confectionery industry, promoting a success story. For us, transformation is synonymous with industrial efficiency, product quality and processes, promoting professional formation and growth, and corporate social responsibility. The factory, located in the western suburbs of Tirana, has been operating since 2014. In an area of ​​20,000 square meters, of which 12,000 square meters are closed, over 7 industrial processes are developed that make DBS GROUP a fully integrated factory to market a finished product. The approach to a product totally realized in DBS is the path towards perfection and training in the realization of complex products. The size and high number of employees have imposed high standards of reliance on clear, transparent and ethical regulations


DBS Group’s vision for the future is to perfect cooperation with partners and customers and continue to pursue common goals. We aim to develop a transparent and inclusive cooperation that allows us to develop investments in the medium and long term. The focus is on a real exchange of information related to performance indicators and economic models. The company aims to significantly increase production capacity, to make significant investments in the field of machinery and production plants, to realize more complicated products and to present in the European market its own brand of sportswear.