About Us

We are a reference point in the textile industry and in the Albanian Confectionery, promoting a success story. Transformation and Change for our Company is a synonym of excellence, industrial efficiency, product quality, healthy business processes, promoting professional formation and social responsibility.

About DBS


During the second half of 2013 a new idea was born: The one of a project with a productive structure and big dimensions in Albania, specializing in the production of elastic textiles for the World of Sport, based to the development of advanced technology. The verification of the conditions of overall political, economic and labor force availability, deepens the analysis through visits that establish and verify the sustainability of the project in a short time, choosing the appropriate building and envinronment to build a new production unit dedicated to the common project. The constant support of the company’s partners has allowed access to all the formalities necessary for the creation of the DBS GROUP in Tirana (in a easily accessible, logically fit and professionally capable of providing workforce location, created on a surface of 1000 square meters.


Currently, the cooperation is translated into a partnership with Decathlon. There is a labor force of 500 dedicated employees ensuring a growing trend. The factory’s production area exceeds 7200 square meters while Exports take place regularly on a weekly basis.


We aspire to perfect co-operation and to continue to pursue common objectives.We also aspire to develop a transparent co-operation and involvement that allows us to develop medium to long-term investments. In our Focus strongly remains the sharing of a real-field based information related to the performance indicators and economic models.