The main factory is located in the western suburbs of Tirana and has been developing its activity since 2014. With a total of 20,000 square meters, 12,000 of which are enclosed, there are over 7 industrial processes that take place and make DBS GROUP a fully integrated factory to market an end- product.

As we grew even bigger, in 2020 a second factory was opened by DBS GROUP in order to fulfill the demand of our clients.

About Factory


1- Sampling and Prototyping

It is a dedicated area of product research and development, defined as the first step to the product industrialization. It’s where the process of sampling and industrial product feasibility analysis takes place for the first time. This department understands and develops in response to client needs and ideas regarding the product.

2- Cutting

This core department features the latest technology. Sophisticated cutting processes make DBS GROUP autonomous in the field of product integration management.

3 – Sublimation

Uses the latest technology of textile image printing. In DBS GROUP, we digitally print in ALL OVER and pre-defined component parts. The printing quality and time performance relies in contemporary machinery of the most popular and specialized brands.

4- Serigraphs and Pads

The factory holds all the necessary capacities for printing of all sizes, compositions and colors. Additionally, screen printing machinery composition have been studied to ensure all the necessary combinations in order to optimize productivity by maintaining maximum quality.

5- Thermo Moulding

In collaboration with important international partners we develop and run the production of bike pads and thermo moulding sport accessories.

6- Production Line

More than 500 employees make the stitching area the most important one. Work is organized in production lines related to the garment model. Multi-skills employees ensure optimal flexibility to the production.