About DBS


Focus: Build an eco friendly system, where the industrial production can coexist with the environment

Target: Be the greenest apparel manufacturing site in the world


•Find the best choices to reduce the CO2 emissions for every single pieces produced

•Pay enhanced attention to the social responsibility elements

Actions completed

The production site is totally fueled with electrical energy completely produced by renewable resources.  It means that it is collected from renewable resources which are naturally replenished on a human timescale, including carbon neutral sources like hydro electro centrals and sunlight. 

* The company has invested important financial resources to build an efficient electrical network. Getting electricity directly from the high voltage transmitting lines and thanks to a modern in site power-converter facility, the electric energy is sent to the industrial machinery and equipment with a minimal loss of electricity grid.

Carbon fiber electric heating is completed for every assembly line focusing to concentrate the heating to the operator avoiding to spread it in other spaces inside the factory.

•This heating system was build to substitute the GPL burning heating system.

•The folding electrothermal conversion efficiency is high, and the energy saving effect is remarkable. The far-infrared rays emitted by the human body, clothing, water, etc. are directly absorbed, and the heat loss during heat transfer is small; the absorption of carbohydrates is stronger, the resonance effect of carbon atoms is good, and the product efficiency is greatly improved.

•The carbon fiber is a natural element that can be naturally recycled.


•The cooling system natural air recycling supported minimally by second generation inverter air-conditioned system.


Lighting System is totally re-concepted. All the production lines are illuminated by led panels.

  • The area of the administrative offices and the Research & Development Department is illuminated by hi tech led panels, which means that the illuminating power is released by some microchips installed inside the panel based in the real need for the illumination at every moment. In sunny days the illumination released by the panel is reduced and by night it increases. So the intensity of the light is remodeled every minute based in the real need and the people presence the that area. Soon it will be implemented to all the production sites.

** This is the pre test before adopting this innovative method to the production site areas.



Transportation for and from the factory, for 99% of the staff, about 550 persons, is organized from the company, with buses arranged to collect and distribute people to and from around Tirana, Kruja and Durres.

*  No need for every body to use his/her own car, which brings a significant CO2 pollution reduction.

**  The near future will introduce the electrical buses for the staff transportation.

The renewing of the equipment and 85% of the sewing machines. The choice was to buy high efficiency and low electricity consumption machines. This mentality is supposed to accompany our growth in the last years.

NO gas emission and no toxic chemical elements used in our production flow.

Actions in progress

Totally recycling all the remains of the production, like plastic, letter, cardboard.

*Important efforts to find the way to recycle the polyester fabric scraps. We support the researchers of the Polytechnic University of Tirana to approach finding a solution about this and we have opened a competition financed by DBS for any result in this topic.

Actions to be done

Photovoltaic panels to cover the entire roof of the factory. The in site electricity production by 2023 to be almost 700.000 kWp